Cocktail dresses with long sleeves

On Wednesday, Kendall Jenner breezed into Aspen, Colorado, ready to have some fun. The modeling-star-turned-tequila-entrepreneur’s love of snowboarding is well documented, but there’s more to the resort town than its slopes. In the past 48 hours, she’s enjoyed dinner at sushi hotspot Matsuhisa, a round of shopping with friend Fai Khadra, and, of course, plenty of skiing. Still, as one of the most prominent social media personalities around, Jenner had to make time for at least one viral post, and her choice didn’t disappoint. Cocktail dresses with long sleeves This afternoon Jenner updated her Instagram with weather-defying bikini snapshots that immediately had people talking. Posing against a snowy backdrop in sunglasses, a string bikini, and furry moon boots from Miu Miu’s fall 2021 collection, Jenner ignored the icy temperature to create a memorable image.

This isn’t the first time Jenner has marked a trip to Aspen with a snowy bikini selfie. Back in 2018, she and big sister Kourtney shared cheeky pictures of themselves wearing tiny pastel two-pieces from while braving the elements. Back then, Jenner accessorized with a furry ski hat, Adidas boots, and a cup of hot cocoa. This time around, Jenner seemed to take a page from Kim’s playbook. Her furry footwear is akin to those Kardashian wore with her now infamous ‘furkini’ during a trip to Utah with her children and then-husband, Kanye West back in 2015.

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